Week 6 Be the best friend of my future self.

My take away from this week is to be the best friend of my future self. Sounds a little odd I guess but it resonates with me.

Being a best friend to my future self means not putting off things until later as she will have to do them, keeping my promises otherwise she will have to deal with the fall out, working my hardest so she doesn’t have to work so hard, planning ahead what I can do to help make her journey smoother, watching her back as I do anyone else that I love, you get the idea.

Making my future self a separate person has had a big impact on how I am thinking. Strangely enough I feel it is worse to let her down than myself. OK, now I sound like I have multiple personalities going on!

I feel like I am over my little hump of the past couple of weeks. This week I am setting up my dream board which works well for me. I like the visual reminders of what I am striving to achieve.

As the rain pelts down extremely loudly on our tin roof, I am very grateful to be dry and safe inside with a full tummy and people I love.

I always keep my promises.


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