Week 11 Why the Resistance?

If someone told you that all you needed to do to live the life of your dreams was to commit to doing certain simple things that a child could do, several times a day, for 6 months would you do it?

Perhaps you would do it for a while, see massive improvement and then stop? Why would you stop? That doesn’t make sense. What you have been doing for 10 weeks is working amazing changes into your life and you feel more energised that ever before, and yet you decide it is too hard? Are you kidding me????? Too hard? Nothing hard about it, it just requires commitment and perseverance.

This resistance is bloody ridiculous.



8 thoughts on “Week 11 Why the Resistance?

  1. Hey Jen, you probably have touch familiar territory for many MKMMA folk. Remember the resistance only exists because we give it time and space. Crowd it out, dig in with passion, do every little activity and progression with “enthuuuusiaaasm” X A


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