Week 9 Party Time

So it has become obvious to me that for the past two weeks I have been hosting my own little pity party for myself, complete with cake. Poor me, my old blueprint has reappeared, old habits have resurfaced and so I once again became their hostage. Woe is me. You get the picture.

I was saying to myself it is out of my control, it is my brain, I can’t control everything, this is just who I am! I’ve tried hard: I put in a big effort for 7 long weeks and a very mediocre effort for the past 2 weeks. What a coincidence is it that in the 2 weeks where I have stopped focusing on the new healthy habits of thinking and living, the old way of thinking and living has slotted right back in.

Of course now that I have put my pity party hat in the bin, I can see that there is no coincidence. What I focus on is what my sub conscious works so very hard to manifest. When I stopped focussing on my future self and what I want for her life, then the subconscious took the well worn path to my old well established habits.

No More.

Responsibility: the ability to respond. I have that ability. I am not at the whim of old habits, I can choose how I respond to not only events but also to my own thoughts. They don’t rule me, I rule them. I and only I,am responsible for my life, where it is heading and how I get there. I am responsible for the me I will be in December 2016. Will I be similar to now, unhealthy and unhappy or will I be energetic, fit and positive? It depends on me, and what I choose to focus on.

This is empowering. I am once again focussed on the me I am becoming. I have given myself a good mental shake and now it is time to get back onto the train of change.

I am grateful for this slump. The bits of rubbish food I have eaten in the past couple of days has shown me that I don’t actually miss chocolate at all, sugar doesn’t make me feel anywhere near as good as being faithful to my dreams does.  It has also shown me that there is no need to be fearful if I fall off the train again. If that happens, just dust off and jump back on.

I always keep my promises.



5 thoughts on “Week 9 Party Time

  1. I found this post pretty inspiring. I got off to a great start too, it’s sticking with it that’s hard. Getting back on the train when you’ve fallen off, that’s the work that will pay off. Thanks for sharing!


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