Week 8 Arghhh!!

So I am struggling with all this at the moment. The old blueprint is front and centre.

I thank others on this course for sticking with it and therefore encouraging me to do the same.

Guess no one said change was easy…..


8 thoughts on “Week 8 Arghhh!!

  1. I have felt the same way at times and then I get on here and see that some are sharing the same experiences, some are excelling and some are no longer with us. I feel that I am always exactly where I need to be. Sometimes I feel like I move through it effortlessly and other times I hit snags. Do you think this might she be a snag for you?


  2. Hi Jen,

    I’m really proud of you for sticking with this, when it is clearly a very challenging program.

    I read your last week’s post last night and meant to reply, but I’m sort of glad I waited until today.

    Early last year, when I was having an especially bad week, I came across a quote which really resonated. And I hope it might help you get through this challenging patch….

    “Just always remember, you would be thoroughly indignant if someone else judged you as harshly as you judge yourself.”

    You are not alone in being more critical of yourself than anyone else in your life would ever even consider. I think we all do it at least to some degree. But we all think you’re an amazing friend, mother, wife (not to mention super successful entrepreneur and business woman, who also loves to run šŸ˜Š)

    Change is hard, and it can feel glacially slow at times.

    Along a similar line to “just do whatever it takes to get through the next five minutes”, my words of wisdom – even if you only make one decision today which aligns with your new blueprint, that’s one decision that moves you away from the old blueprint. And that should be counted as a success. It might mean it sometimes feels like two steps forward, one step back, but at least overall that’s one step forward instead of three steps backwards!

    I hope none of that sounds patronising – it’s meant to be supportive.

    Love you




  3. Old habits are hard to change and can’t be changed without another good habits. Addiction are hard to get rid of anger,sadness, rights and wrong of the world, The thing is you are worth more than all that, You want change or you would not be here in the CLASS. Opinions fly and rock your world because sometimes it comes from the people we love. And we get blasted day after day. No opinions matter but or own. YOU are the driver of your life. Where do you want to be? You have the power to do this.Shine bright Jen. Everyone here is here to help ask if you need it you’re not alone.


  4. Hey Jen I understand. You are doing things that most of people are not doing and for what you were never prepared. Congratulation for doing that. Persistence and believe. Christian.


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