Week 3 MKMMA Redundancy and Blueprints

So, as we all know, life is rarely dull. In a curve ball that I didn’t see coming, my hubby lost his job on Friday, along with most of his team.

This ‘spanner in the works’ has set my old blueprint (way of thinking) off and racing. Past couple of days old thoughts keep popping up with all the usual excuses to quit this course: money, time, stress, need to hunker down and wait out the storm etc. Guess what old blueprint? These are the exact reasons I need to do this course.

Funnily enough in this morning’s webinar there was a quote:

‘Turn any adversity into a greater benefit’.

So, I am approaching this uncertainty as an opportunity. An opportunity to teach our kids how to adapt, how to focus on the good and that we can attach whatever meaning we want to things that happen.

What a gift this could be! Time to sit and discuss what makes us happy, what do we want? Employment is not the only way to earn money so maybe we need to look at new avenues.

My old blueprint is screaming that in times like this we must seek security, take zero risks, stick to what you know, take no chances. Guess what old blueprint? (I know, not only am I talking to myself, I am talking to different parts of myself!) I choose to ignore you and that way of thinking.

I choose to embrace the uncertainty, to move forward, to take product ideas out of my head and make them a  reality. To discuss in detail the business ideas that we have but haven’t acted upon yet. We might go down in a ball of flames or we might soar, only time will tell.

So I say thank you for the curve ball, I plan to hit it out of the park. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Week 3 MKMMA Redundancy and Blueprints

  1. I am so sorry to hear all of this! But I love your later reaction and yes you can!! Do not quit- forge through. I do believe it is a blessing in disguise. Hugs to you and your family!


  2. You have a great way to deal with the lemons in your life. Sometimes we need a push to do the things we really know we have to do. Have fun making lemonade!


  3. What a amazing post Jen.
    I love when you wrote: “These are the exact reasons I need to do this course” and how you turn in positive things and want to take the opportunity, embrace uncertainty. With all my support. Chris


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