Week 2 Blue Rectangles

Blue rectangles. I have been seeing them all week. Isn’t it interesting that when you are aware of something you tend to see them everywhere?

It has been a struggle this week to keep up with all the things I need to do for this course. We have been away and road tripping for 7 days and so I have slipped on some of my tasks. We got home late last night and once the kids are off to school I have set aside a few hours to catch up on reading and Digital Connections webcast.

I have definitely noticed a change in my thoughts.  I guess most important is that I am noticing my thoughts at all.

I have been working a lot on my DMP (my main purpose in life) which is interesting. It is a very different way to think than just surviving what each day throws at me.  I am reluctant to show my DMP to anyone other than my guide as I guess I fear that I won’t follow through and therefore it won’t come true. I have decided my third draft will be the one I show to loved ones. I am very aware also that I have made many attempts at this sort of thing in the past and I guess my fear is that others will be blasé about this as I have made commitments before and not kept them.

Important that I remember this is about me, about what I feel and think, not about anyone else’s opinions of what I can and will achieve.

What a difference it makes concentrating on what is possible rather than what is happening in this minute.

I always keep my promises.


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