MKMMA Week 1 2015 Full on!!

WARNING:  These posts are a way of recording my journey for those who may be interested and for future self to think back on. I plan to write honestly and candidly in this and the posts that will follow.That may not sit well with everyone so you have been warned 🙂

Well, this is the first week of my course and only 3 days in and it is full on. The next 26 weeks will be a roller coaster ride for sure.

Loads of information, things to do and to set up and to learn. This will be a steep learning curve for me on things like blogging and Twitter etc but the time has come to embrace social media!

One of the first tasks is to work out exactly what I want in life. What would I do if money and time were no object. Sounds easy but actually writing it down in detail was harder than I thought it might be. I now have a draft Life Purpose and it was quite exciting to think deeply about the what ifs and to see dreams written down as if they are already real.

My main focus this week is on my existing habits. Identifying the habits that are getting me closer to my life purpose and those habits that are standing in my way. So far, I haven’t noticed too many that are helping me to get where I want to be so lots of habits to be replaced shortly I guess. No surprise there!

I must confess that I have struggled to fit in the reading component. A combination of school holidays and bad time wasting habits I suppose. Reading at night is not working as I think I have read the page but recall nothing that was written. Note to self: do not read the material in bed!

Over the past couple of years I have fallen into the habit of breaking promises, both to myself and to others. My expectations of myself have lowered to a point where this has been ok. That is disappointing as I used to believe that I was as good as my word, if I said I would do it, I would. One of the first things I noticed in the material this week is the saying: I always keep my promises.

I always keep my promises.

It is interesting the power of words.

I always keep my promises.

Simple words but they have really had an impact on me in only a few days.

Successful people don’t make commitments they don’t plan to keep, and they ALWAYS keep the commitments they make.

There have been a couple of times already when I have been tired or whatever and thought, I will go to bed without doing the reading tonight, after all one night won’t make a difference, especially this early on in the course. Then I hear a little voice whispering inside my brain, “I always keep my promises”. So the reading has happened, and I have kept the promise. The power of words….

I always keep my promises.


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